The Legacy

Imogene Ellen Kilgore

Ima Kilgore lived her life teaching others about love.  Living a life full of passion, purpose and love, not just for God, her family and friends, but also for all the little children she so lovingly brought to Sunday School. 

Sunday School became the most exciting place to be in the Denver Harbor area.  It was always full of excitement with candy rains, Easter chicks, live Goldfish, decorated buses, and most of all, exciting stories from the Bible demonstrating God’s love!  Ima spent her Sunday mornings riding the church bus, picking up children for church, holding them in her lap, teaching them and most of all showing them a love they would never forget.

Following Ima Kilgore’s lead, teams of workers canvassed the neighborhoods bringing children to church, breaking record after record.  Her passion for God’s work made a difference and inspired everyone who worked with her.

On her many trips to the Philippine Islands, seeing the little children on the streets, she would talk about the opportunity to make a difference in their lives, to show them God’s love.  Little did she know the legacy of her life of loving children would result with a vision for Ima’s Home for Children.

Ima had an energy that awakened our spirits…a gentleness that compelled us to action…a balm to soothe away our hurts…a grace that charmed us…a gentle touch to encourage us…and the passion to inspire us!